Sam's Life

Sam was born on May 10, 2014 to Mitch and Jennifer Wallman.  From the beginning Sam's personality shined.  Sam was easygoing and was always happy and full of energy. He lit up the room with his contagious smile and silly jokes.  Sam loved all things outdoors, from playing in the dirt to collecting sticks and bugs. He also liked being creative and thrived as an artist and he enjoyed making pictures and gifts for his friends, family, and teachers. 

While Sam's life was cut short, he lived an amazing 7 years full of experiences. From Florida to Arizona and many places in between, Sam loved to see new places and explore with his family. 

Outside of traveling and spending time with family, Sam was active in sports and was looking forward to another year of baseball and trying track for the first time.  

When we weren't traveling or playing sports Sam liked to visit the zoo, museums, and parks.  He was always up to tag along on any errands with his mom, especially if he was promised a trip to the dollar store or a special treat. 

I loved my life, my friends, my family

I loved to play and be carefree

I loved to be creative, loved to learn

There was so much for me to do.

I was going to accomplish so much

Most likely do something great

And now that I've moved on

I've learned it's not too late.

I was right all all along 

I had something great to give

There is a special part of me

That is helping someone live.

There is no more here for me to do

I've left a legacy

Someone else will get to live 

With a little help from me

In Memory of Sam, Remembered for the life he lived and the life he gave.